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About Our School

Port Edward Elementary School is located in the village of Port Edward (2016 pop. 467). The municipality is located 15 kilometers from the City of Prince Rupert (2016 pop. 12,220). The school is part of School District No.52, which is located on traditional Ts’msyen territory and has a Partnership Agreement with the local Aboriginal community that has existed since October 2001. A new school building opened on January 7, 2013, which was adjoined to the municipal office to accommodate declining student enrolment, a trend that has continued. This year, there is one class, K through 5, with 14 students. Using the rewards of a small, multi-age classroom model, Port Edward Community School endeavors to meet the unique needs of the community and its students through an approach that enhances the development of the Core Competencies. Our mission is to improve student achievement by encouraging all members of our school community to engage in learning, strive for personal excellence, and furnish a safe environment for all. We believe that instruction matters. Our students are valuable, can be successful and must be supported in all ways. School community partnerships enhance learning for all students. The staff has a crucial role in the success of our students.